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Best USB Microphone Buyer’s Guide for 2017


The rate at which USB mics are getting more conspicuous nowadays is overwhelming. There are several talented and experienced pod-casters, singers, and other vocalists who make use of the best USB microphones professionally. However, upon how prominent the USB mics are becoming, they are not fully at the standard of substituting the XLR connected condenser mic to an audio interface setup.

One of the incredible features of these microphones is that; power is received directly from the plug-n- play and computer with only the USB cord, - this feature makes it easy to use. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) Mics are not costly; they can be getting at a reasonable price. However it is good to explore and choose the one that is much better for a considerable length of time, all things considered, this type of microphones could and will function irrespective the use.

What to Consider When Choosing USB Mic?

1. Consider how you will be using the Mic.

One of the reasons why USB microphones are so common in any case is that; they can be used in various ways and for different purposes. However, if you are buying a USB mic to record vocals in a semi-pro music studio, you will need to buy the one that has higher quality and can be mount on the mic-stand or possibly on the desk.

We likewise have some best USB microphones that are of the smaller size that can fit comfortably on your desk; they can even as well be clipped to the screen when you need more flexibility, these types of mic can be used for gaming, Skype, podcasting, etc. Check properly and shop appropriately, but always consider how you want to be using the USB mic and where you will essentially be placing it.

2. Consider the Pickup Pattern

Most USB microphones are condenser mic, and this is what the majority of people love. There are some mics that you have to speak right in front, or even on the side before it picks up one's voice clearly, and there are others that will pick up one's voice or even instrument on every side. As far as pick-up patterns, as well as the best USB microphone to buy is concerned, below is a brief summation:

  • Cardioid/Unidirectional: This is the type of pattern that only records what is in its front. Perhaps, among the best USB microphone since its inception, it is the commonly used pattern, and it only focused on one person’s voice in its front. Mics with cardioid pattern can be used for home office, music, and even gaming.
  • Bi-Directional: As the name implies, this pattern is only made to record the back and front of their surroundings, it is at times called a “figure 8” pattern. They are not too common but few studio microphones these days still have this option. Back in those days, they are worthy of radio operation when one is recording a stage performance and spectators in their front.
  • Omnidirectional: Either sound from the back, front, below and above, this pattern is capable of picking sound from every direction. This pattern usually has a super flat response, which makes it fantastic for the recording of everything in a room or even all surroundings.

3. Consider Your Budget

When it comes to pricing, there are wide ranges to choose from based on the quality; therefore, when shopping for the best USB microphone, it is always wise to have a budget to work with. Though it likewise depends on the usage, there are some smaller, easy to travel with models that won’t reduce your wallet a bit. Nevertheless, the price goes up depending on the audio quality and what you are looking for, therefore, set a budget that can get you a more professional mic. Apparently, we have provided you with all price ranges to make your choice.


Here is the list of the best USB Microphones you can find on the market today. It will be highly appreciated if you can let's realize which mic you went with or if perhaps you feel that we omitted any essential models via the comment box.

1/ Rode NT-USB

Rode mic is also one of our favorite brands, the design, strength, and overall audio quality is immeasurable. It has been tested with friends of ours when recording music, and there is no cause for changing it for quite an extended period. Due to the advancement in technology, rode mic come up with a new model that has USB connectivity. It has a cardioid directional pattern, a few on-the-microphone mixing control, a solid condenser mic, out-of-the-box usable, pressure slant with a good 110dB SPL which allows you to scream in it, but still, you will be okay.

This Best USB Microphone likewise comes along with a tripod table stand, pop shield, rings mount, bag for storage and USB cable. In fact with Rode, you are good to go; for people with a good budget for mic and don’t want Yeti, we highly recommend this for them because it is a good quality USB microphone and the price worth it.

2/ Audio Technica AT2020USB

Audio-Technica’s 2020 is among the most famous and best USB mics in the industry. It looks precisely like a customary XLR condenser microphone but has USB connectivity. If you are interested, they also have a regular AT2020 model; however, this is the same thing but has USB functionality. As it can be mounted on a mic stand and shock mount, it is a wise choice for recording artists as well as singers, and it is also a good option for those in a studio who would choose this over the traditional setup.

This mic has a superb audio quality, cardioid polar pattern and it is a side-address condenser microphone which you have to speak in front of it. What is clever about this mic is the small tripod desk stand that comes with it which allows you to use it with a more convenient setup; it likewise comes with a storage bag if you plan to embark on a journey.

This best USB microphone is quite better as far as audio quality is concerned, and we believe this is while it is slightly more expensive than the Blue Yeti – many people love this mic because of its sound. If you want to use it as a traditional microphone, or you have more money, you can go for this, although it still fits comfortably on a desk with the stand it comes with. This USB mic is also part of our beloved brands that forever come with top-quality gear. - Get yours today.

3/ Blue Yeti

This mic is a smart choice for people that know quality. If you search the search engine, you will see the Yeti at the top among the entire best quality USB microphone and also in most of the mic review articles.

Credit to the brain behind Blue mics, they are precise when it comes to designs. When creating a product, it is always good to design such product in a way that will appeal a large market, and this is apparently what Blue mics focused on. They try to deal with most essential features with a microphone. There are multiple patterns which you can choose from, though your selection depends on what you are achieving with the microphone, buttons on the unit; e.g. mute button, gain control, and headphone, as well as some aesthetics as well as colors to choose from.

People wouldn’t certainly know that you are utilizing a USB microphone because Blue Yeti has an outstanding audio quality, particularly the ones with a good price irrespective of its usage. Some talented upcoming rappers use blue Yeti mic, and this is also the best choice for people who are podcasting mainly because it sits comfortably right on the desk. If you don’t care for reading the review on other mics but want a straightforward answer, just buy the Blue Yeti USB microphone and forget about the rest.

4/ Samson Meteor

In terms of microphones as well as good quality, Meteor is another lovely common brand. We can advise our fans to buy this because it is also another well know best USB microphone.

Regarding size and design, Samson meteor is quite comparable to the Blue Yeti. One of its advantages is that; it is a little inexpensive than the blue mic. It has a cardioid pickup pattern, a large diaphragm of 25mm for a large recording working surface, and it can be folded for much easy storage or travel.

With its attractive price, it also has an excellent audio quality, coming in at a max of 16 bit, 48 kHz - though we would’ve had love 32 we have no option with such amazing price. The Samson Meteor mic can be plugged directly into your smart device; therefore, it is a bonus if you choose to record in this way – though you will need Apple’s converter. Combined with reasonable design and headphone jack, Samson meteor is purchased more than Yeti by low-budget people because of its price as it is cheaper. When you need a good quality as well as save money, go for meteor instead of the Blue Yeti. It is even among the list of the five best desktop mics listed in Lifehacker’s article.

5/ Blue Snowball

This is another product by blue, though there is no secret for having three sightings in our article. This is one of the best USB microphones that are very affordable yet providing good sound quality. As seen in the picture, it likewise has an entirely different appearance as compared with the Blue Yeti. Don’t be worried about the quality; the sample rate of this microphone is 44 .1 kHz which give it a stand among USB mics which are thrice the price, they’re more suitable for gamers and podcaster.

One of the good attributes is its aesthetics; this mic has almost ten different beautiful colors which looks nice on a desk. It is a condenser microphone which can be turned between cardioid or omnidirectional, and it is a pretty lightweight and comfortable right beside the keyboard during the normal activities.

There are even some people who record guitar and vocals with this mic, one of the things about this microphone is that; it can’t be mount on a traditional microphone stand. – It has a small tripod you can use. The majority go for this because of its look.

6/ Samson Go Mic

This is another product by this brand that we have noticed ranked as first in many USB mic articles on the net and therefore we couldn’t overlook it. The mic is good for low budget people and nicely sized for desks; it can be folded into itself for easy-going; therefore it is suitable for those embarking on a business trip, podcasting, gaming and lot more.

This mic comes with a cable clip, USB cable, carrying bag and a stand adapter. People praised the audio quality of this mic with its affordable price. It can be clipped to the computer screen; therefore you can easily remove it if you don’t want it anymore. This mic is competing with the Blue Snowflake; it is more recommended if you are on a small budget or more of traveling or meeting on Skype.

7/ Shure PG42

This USB mic is quite really a pro quality microphone; it is ever one of our beloved mic brands in Shure. Regarding USB microphone, Shure PG42 has a high sound quality, and this is a threat to some normal condenser mics out there.

The Shure PG42 is profoundly assessed because of its incorporated pre-amp with a control on its front, a monitor mix control to enable you to hear, zero latency monitoring to track what you are doing, likewise a jack in the microphone itself.

It is quite higher than others as far as audio quality is concerned in this article; you can receive about 48 kHz. This is the best USB microphone for you if audio quality is your primary concern. This is as well the ideal USB mic for all recording artists who want to compete with the professionals. If you are on a high budget, you can buy the one that comes with a pop filter and a desk stand. Because of its audio quality, this is the overall best top quality USB microphone in the market.

8/ CAD U37

This is another best USB microphone you can get with a small budget. The price is the cheapest among the previous models discussed. The CAD U37 has 10dB overload-protection distortion, a large cardioid pickup pattern for nice sound isolation, and a bass-reduction switch that gives some more custom options. It is as well capable of recording instruments if you are buying a mic for this purpose. You can use the switches on the front the way you like. – It is advisable to leave it at “0” if one wants to record normal voices or strings.

Apparently, with the price, it doesn’t have a good sound quality and the design is not as appealing compared with other USB mics. However, if you are on a small budget and you want the cheaper microphone, CAD U37 is by far the best USB mic that wouldn’t affect your wallet. To avoid the purchase of a cheap and no-name brand mic at your local electronics store, there are a lot of reviews to back it up. Buy it with a rest of mind.

9/ Blue Snowflake

Snowflake is the third most common blue’s USB mic. It is a smaller microphone compared to other blue’s products. This mic is seriously competing with Go Microphone, and it is more like a microphone versus PC type of debate – paying little regard to the route a person goes you are getting a similar thing; it is a compact USB microphone suitable for traveling as well as clipping onto one's screen purposes.

It is a cardioid condenser mic, and the sample rate is similar to that of Go Mic at 44 .1kHz/ 16-bit. It is awesome for internet chatting, gaming, podcasting and lot more, this type of mic is not recommended for high-quality recording, but if you wish to save money on a small mic, you can get it.

10/ Apogee Microphone 96k

Apogee Electronics usually includes high-end gear. Apogee Mic 96k is a studio stand microphone, but also the HD recoding is eye-flying at around 96 kHz and 24-bit. It mic works with iPods, iPhones and other, therefore if you are finding a microphone to record in that way, Micv96k is the best choice.

This microphone can likewise be hooked up with an adapter through USB; it can as well be utilized in the traditional mic studio setup using a filter along with a stand. Some artists make use of it for recording. Regarding having it all, a good converter A/D pre-amp built in for power, plug-n-play as well as a small size renders it more optimal. With the use of a smaller tripod stand, it can likewise be mount on one's desk just like others. This is recommended for iPhone/iPad users who love audio quality.

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