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Reviews and Buyer’s Guide for the Top Studio Monitor Speaker of 2017


It is possible for you to have bought all the necessary components of your studio, like good microphone or audio interface. An essential component needed in your setup is a quality sound output that will produce the sound of the highest quality. You should have the right equipment needed to replicate your audio, once you have the required equipment to record your audio.

For your studio to be well equipped, you should purchase a good studio monitor speaker, maybe for home studio use or for professional use. Your productions’ quality depends majorly on the type of speakers used. The precise sound of all the frequencies is correctly reproduced by the studio monitors, and the small frequencies are handled by the subwoofers while the high frequencies and medium frequencies are handled by the tweeters.

It will shock you to find out that most of the good studio speakers prices are cheaper than you think. You don’t necessarily need to get the costly speakers to get the best quality you need.

Studio monitors speaker can be used for some other purposes such as to raise the speakers of your desktop to enhance the sound when playing games. They can also be connected with the television for better sound quality, and they can be used to get better experience when listening to music. In case you have a smaller budget, you can still get good home monitors at an affordable price.

There are several options to choose from, here listed are all the basic knowledge you should have in a guide for buyers. This guide contains all you need find when you want to purchase the best you need when it comes to studio monitors speaker.

Here are some significant facts to note when planning to make your purchase of studio monitor:

  • Price: It is not always true as many think that highly priced products are always of better quality. On the contrary, many good studio monitors speakers are sold for less than $200. As much as you necessary don’t have to buy the cheapest ones either, but it’s not compulsory you spend so much to get the best quality studio monitors you need.
  • Monitor Size: You should consider the space you have for the monitor you want to purchase, because it goes a long way to determine the one you go for. If the space on your desk is small, then it’s preferable to go for speakers of smaller sizes. Smaller sized speakers are best if you have small spaces in order to get accurate outcomes for mixing. In cases where you have enough spaces, or you can mount the speakers, then you can choose the option of larger ones. You ought to also critically consider the way you wish to set them up so as to give the best possible sound.
  • Frequency range: This is very important, and should be considered in your choice making process because frequency range of the speakers you are purchasing should be able to accommodate your recordings’ full frequency range. The average frequency range required by most recordings is 50 kHz to 20kHz, measured in kilohertz (the highest frequency) and hertz (the lowest frequency).
  • Power: It is important that the speakers’ power (in watts) is considered putting in mind the size of the room you intend to use them. More power is needed in the larger room for quality sound delivery to all the room’s corners. But you wouldn’t need much power for a much smaller room like an office.
  • Woofers: You need to consider the type of music that you want to record so as to know the features to look for in the woofer. Nearfield monitors having woofers measuring between 4 and 6-inch will be good for lighter music. But monitors packed with more punch would be good for hip hop or rock music so that the bass can come out better.
  • Connections: Ensure you cross check the speakers to have the right connections which have compatibility with the other equipment you have. Monitors come with S/PDIF, ¼”, XLR, TRS, or RCA jacks, while some have balanced inputs, unbalanced inputs or even both.
  • Cabinets: The cabinets’ design affects the sound quality directly. To avoid the case where the cabinet alters the sound, they should be finished with a stiff, durable material such as a solid plastic or metal.
  • Tri, bi, or single-amp: These describe the way input signals are shared to control the drivers. A tri-amp configuration shares the signal in three ways into 3 amplifiers to drive low, mid, and high frequencies. Two separate amplifiers are in the bi-amps, which are; one that power low frequencies and another for high frequencies. Single-amp monitors use a crossover network to share the output power of one amplifier which then directs the exact frequencies to all monitors. Tri-amp and bi-amp configurations generally have frequency response that are more precise and give improved sound quality.

Different Kinds of Studio Monitor speakers

Comparing Passive and Active Monitors

There is an in-built amplifier present in active monitors, and they use active crossover and not a passive crossover. They are commonly used by those into home recording because they possess a plug-in-and-play setting and are very easy to use. It is as simple as just connecting them to the mixing board or DAW, and that’s all. With them, you won’t need to purchase any crossover and amplifier separately for your speakers. They are cost efficient because you won’t need to get any other components separately. The in-built amp present in these active monitors is designed specifically to function with other speaker’s components.

Passive monitors do not possess any in-built amplifier, and they usually need an attached amplifier. They still have some merits in that they permit for more flexibility. They are mostly used in professional studios because, with it, specific amplifiers needed to meet specific needs can purchase. They often use amplifiers of greater quality than that of active monitors. The passive monitors make it possible for you to be in full control of the sound because a separate amplifier which has its different settings can be used.

Comparing Far and Near - Field

Far field are monitors positioned at a distance from the position of the listeners, these monitors can handle louder volumes more than that of near-field. They are always associated with much room noise because the sound always bounces around the walls of the room when far-field monitors are used.

Near-field are monitors designed and compact for the purpose of listening to nearby ranges. They are normally positioned in about 3 to 5feets away from you, so you can hear a clear and undeviating sound coming out of the speakers rather than the sound which has already bounced all around the wall of the room. The benefit is that it reduces the influence of bad room acoustics. A pair of near-field monitors is the right monitor you need in case you often record yourself sing and/or play guitar.

Different Studio Monitors Speakers Brands


In Beijing, China, a set of people that love music came up with Edifier in 1996. They used the revolutionary technology to specialize in systems of highest quality sound production. Edifier’s products are supplied to more than 70 countries which include countries in the Northern America, Southern America, Middle East, Asia, pacific areas, and Europe. The Edifier produces eight million units annually; they do not only have a craving for sound, as they are passionate about design.

They do not just come up with products that brand music, but they also come up with amazing products. With their designs, they have earned some great awards like the Red Dog Design Award, CES Design and Engineering Showcase Honors and the IF Product Design Award.

Edifier also helps children with impaired hearing to know the command of sound. Their donations are used to give cochlear implants for children that are from poor homes


Jim Odom and Brian Smith, Incorporate 1995 established PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From that time in the field of audio, PreSonus has turned to a foremost manufacturer and designer. They produce microphone pre amps, live-sound software, studio monitors, digital audio interfaces, signal processors, digital mixers, control surfaces and other products. These products are utilized all over the world for recording, sound reinforcement, internet audio and sound design,

The foundation of PreSonus is still in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which they progressed to an advanced high-tech HQ so also a better research facility in 2014. PreSonus is commonly recognized for their software, particularly Studio One that was started when they combined alongside Kristal Labs located in Germany. Since then, they have come up with some other revolutionary software. They have continued to produce professional and innovative equipment at low costs.


1/ Yamaha HS5

Behringer UCA202




This is an in-built cutting edge made with a noise lessening technology which guarantees a crystal clear sound. They are designed with an inputs range which makes it possible to connect audio interfaces, keyboards, and mixers

Watch Yamaha HS5 video review below from YouTube by: Sonarworks

2/ Edifier R1280T

Edifier R1280T




Choosing bookshelf speakers (Edifier) is a wise one as it is among the best low-priced studio monitor available. It comes with a bass driver of 4 inches, so also a port of bass reflex calibrated and wide with the guarantee to deliver the profound, amusing bass loved by many. The tweeter with silk dome of 13mm delivers crisp highs

You get full control of the sound, so also the best balance of the music with the bass, treble, and volume controls present on the active speaker unit. The volume can be adjusted or muted with the wireless remote control conveniently.

With the double RCA inputs present, two different sources of audio can be linked to the speakers. The package also includes a cable of 3.5mm to twin RCA AUX and an 8-foot speaker wire for you to begin to use the system immediately you get it. It also has warranty of 2 years which guarantees a performance of high quality.

These studio monitors- Edifier R1280T come with the power of 42watts and have 60 Hz - 20 kHz of frequency response. The two speakers are measured in inches as 6.9 by 9.4 by 5.7 with a weight of 10.8pounds in T.

The speakers have gray front panels and a definitive wood finish done on its sides which gives it a classy and sleek look so it can pair finely with your personal computer. It is possible to remove the grilles in front to uncover the drivers in case you prefer that look. You can enhance by putting off the grilles. It's best to ensure the drivers are covered when you are not using them, to avoid dust from getting into them. These are the best option for you if you really need a good home studio monitors.

Watch Edifier R1280T video review below from YouTube by: MXDOUT

3/ Edifier R1700BT

Edifier R1700BT




The Bluetooth bookshelf (Edifier R1700 BT) speakers stand out among others with the option of Bluetooth connectivity. Your computer, tablet or mobile phones can connect, for hassle-free, and a wireless experience. They have compatibility with any Windows device, iOS, MacOS, or Android.

They are really handy and perfect to use with your TV, gaming console, or computer for greater sound quality. Distortion is prevented by the DRC (Dynamic Range Control) and DSP (in-built Digital Signal Processing) present.

The silk dome tweeter which measures 19mm creates a very amusing sound whereas the bass driver which measures 4-inch present in all speakers makes those amusing lows. They are designed having bass reflex ports facing front, and with low frequencies intensified to give a commanding bass. They have controls for bass, audio, and treble on the other right speaker’s side.

To get a better listening, it is possible to set the speakers at an angle of 100 so that the sound is directed towards you, so you get an improved listening experience. These monitors are made with power of 66 watts and 60Hz-20 kHz frequency response. They have a weight of 14.6pounds with size of 8.8 by 9.1 by 9.8 inches. With their size, they can effortlessly fit into any kind of setup.

With the dual auxiliary inputs present in them, any device with a headphone output of 3.5mm or with a twin RCA output can be connected conveniently. Two devices can be connected alongside the auxiliary outputs without any need to be switching cords. With remote control, you can mute functions, regulate the volume so also to switch input sources.

These speakers are already loud enough even without raising the volume so high enough to cover a big room.

They are furnished with an MDF walnut-wood influence vinyl of the highest quality; these monitors will be a good addition to your present home decor. They come with a warranty of two years which guarantees you high quality with consistency with parts that are hassle-free and also labor warranty.

Should you be searching for cheap monitors without having to sacrifice sound quality, with a whole lot of connectivity options, these speakers are a good choice. They are certainly among top studio monitors you can purchase at a price less than 200 dollars.

4/ JBL LSR305





Taking a good observation of these studio monitors- JBL LSR305, it is clearly seen that the sleek design will allow them to fit well into whichever setup. It has a textile dome up which has rolled border, and it prevents distortion and enhances the sound.

There is also poly-cone woofer which is 5-inch long, made of butyl rubber border to deliver neat bass sound. These speakers use the Slip Stream port which is of low frequency patented by JBL; so at low levels of playback, it delivers an accurate bass response.

They are equipped with the 82watts of power, and they punch packed. They are made with a wide range of frequency between 43Hz and 24kHz which makes your mixes more accurate and they have a 175Hz frequency known as crossover frequency. They also come with competent Class-D amplifiers which provide much power to give the required dynamic headroom and output for whatever production styles demanded.

These studio monitors can be classed with among the best-designed low-priced studio monitors specially designed for serious music producer or audio engineer. One of their uniqueness is their groundbreaking Image-Control Waveguide design that makes it have a definite and well-defined stereo image. These features make it possible for you to both hear the sounds clearly and make correct sonic judgments. Especially to those into the business of professional music, this Image Control Waveguide is very needful.

The LF and HF trim controls give you the ability to tune them in accordance with the acoustics of your room. The HF detail increase makes it possible for ambiance and greater depth to the recordings, that subtle details even in a solid mix will be heard very easily.

With the presence of a wide-ranging sweet spot, then these monitors can convey natural sound in a big room conveniently. This infers that even if you aren’t in the speaker’s anterior directly, you will still hear the sound accurately and make proper adjustment when necessary. Notwithstanding the position anybody in the room is, they will hear the sound accurately. So if there are people in around, you have no worries about the particular positions they should be.

These speakers are classed as among the best affordable studio monitors considering all the high-quality features they have. They deliver best quality at a cheap cost.

5/ PreSonus Eris E4.5

PreSonus Eris E4.5




These studio monitors operate on two Class-AB amplifiers with 25watt of power to give the combined power of 50 watts. They are classed among the best home studio monitors as they are packed with sufficient power. They can be purchased with less than $200, and you will still get the best with that amount, and they deliver similar quality like some other expensive studio monitors though they are cheaper.

The size of silk dome tweeters is 1”, which has a shielding grille cover. With the 4.5“transducers of low-frequency it delivers a pronounced bass sound. The transducers which are fashioned of Kevlar are strong and give a brittle sound. You won’t only perceive the bass, but you get to feel it.

Their frequency response is 70Hz- 22 kHz; they have a weight of 13pounds with 10 by 15 by 10 inches in size. Their small sizes make it easier for them to be moved from a place to the other. They can be suspended without any worry of them falling down as they have light weights.

You get clean highs as well as lows because of the quality woofers and tweeters present. They are very good for multimedia works because they produce clear and very amusing sound, they are as well good for hearing music and gaming. They can also be used for acoustic setting or for a desktop upgrade.

They are impeccable for mixing, and the presence of a control feature of acoustic tuning which gives it a greater accuracy. This particular feature is very important because different rooms make sound waves perform differently. With this control, it provides the ability for you to overwhelm any acoustic issues. With the feature of acoustic space setting, it becomes possible for you to assimilate these monitors to your studio so you can hear a clear-cut playback.

These speakers have been designed with quality components, so they are tough and last longer. They even have their knobs solidly built; no low-priced plastic was used. With the subsonic protection, transient, and over-temperature, they have added lifespan.

Using two wired speaker cables; 1their two speakers are wired together. It has a TRS left that is balanced with right inputs on the active speaker and the RCA which is unbalanced having a RCA connection-cable of ⅛ to ⅛ inch. You get good flexibility from the combination of outputs and inputs.

With these speakers, you get quite a remarkable sound, at an affordable cost.






These bi-amped class-A/B amplifiers deliver low distortion and large headroom. They have multi audio-input connectors which make it possible to connect whichever of your studio equipment.

7/ Mackie CR Series CR3

Mackie CR Series CR3




Mackie CR3 tops the list here. These speakers are designed to give studio-quality sound; they are perfect in giving additional help in creations of multimedia. The use of the best constituents was employed in the building of these speakers.

The CR3 speakers are equipped with drivers of high quality, a wood cabinet and a true studio monitor; they are designed to give the best of quality sound you need. Compared to the plastic cabinets in several other monitors used in studios, the wood cabinets have a superior quality. The presence of a rear firing bass ports with a Custom-tune adds to the nice, great bass sound.

They have the controls positioned on the anterior panel for convenience and easy access. They have an aux input that makes it possible for you to join your tablet or smartphone. There are one headphone output and one volume knob used for switching on and off. For better control over the system, the right/left placement switch of the speaker makes it possible to choose the setup part that has the volume control.

With the RCA, 1/8”, and ¼” inputs, you can connect nearly any source of audio. So also, with 80 Hz to 20 kHz frequency, the CR3’s gives a complete range of the listening experience. The size of the subwoofer is 3-inches, which give sufficient lows, and free flowing, clear highs which are delivered by the silk tweeters. This combination delivers complete range of sounds that is wide, with a greater stereo imaging and consistent dispersion.

They come with the power of 50watts that makes it possible for clearer highs and deeper lows in all the listening levels available. The size of the monitor is 8.5 by 15.3 by 11.5 inches with a weight of 6 pounds. The performance and quality of larger, quite luxurious monitors have been packed compacted as an inexpensive option by Mackie.

The fact that they come in small size makes it easy to put them on desktop and they won’t take much space. They are used even in the tightest space as they are available in small sizes producing quality sound.

The package includes every cables needed for every inputs. They come with speaker cable (6’) that can be used to link the right and left speakers together. They also come with isolated pads which have an angled design that can be tilted for you to get the sound focused on the direction you want the sound.

Since everything necessary comes with the package, you can begin to use them right now.

You can use these monitors speaker for your gaming, listening to music, home studios, multimedia creations, and for whatever purpose you purchased them. They are perfectly the best, cheapest and versatile studio monitors everywhere presently.

8/ M-Audio AV42

M-Audio AV42




It is made of speaker cones that are uncovered giving improved sound quality. They have good compatibility with mobile phones and other mobile devices available.

9/ Alesis M1 Active 320

Alesis M1 Active 320




They have a USB audio-interface integrated into it that enables you to connect them directly to your computer, and they don’t require any installation of drivers. They are classed among the best inexpensive studio monitors present in the market.

10/ Arion Legacy AR604

Arion Legacy AR604




These studio monitors speaker give you classic sound, playing your preferred vinyl records with theme gives you the best listening experience you can imagine. They also have compatibility with several smartphones, tablets, HDTV and MIDI interfaces.

Studio Monitors Speakers Wrap Up

Maybe you decided to upgrade your TV or computer’s sound system, or you plan to engage in some recording in a specialized studio or at home, getting the studio monitors that are best will be a plus to the quality of sound.

Before you finalize your decision on what to buy, you have to decide the type that will work perfectly for you. The choice of most people is active speakers, which is top on our list of the best low-priced studio monitors. Decide maybe far-field, or near-field arrangement will work perfectly for you because there are designed studio monitors that can be used for the two.

Before you make your purchase, consider these features critically: woofers, speaker size, frequency range, tweeters, power, cabinets, and connections.

If your plan is to get the monitors for home use, our top ten list will help you navigate your way to getting the best and perfect Studio Monitors Speaker for home use.

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