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Top 10 Best Electronic Drum Sets – Shopping Guide and Reviews


The drums majority know are constructed with plastic heads and wood shells, whenever you hit the drum with a stick, it gives a thud which sounds like drum hit with a stick. However, with the advent of technology, nothing you can do acoustically that can’t likewise be done electronically with the use of playback and digital recording techniques.

The first electronic drum sets I own in my life was a present from a brother. I knew how to drum pretty well right from my childhood - though not like the normal. Acoustic drum sets, the versatility, size and overall impression gives me joy whenever I place my sticks to the pads, therefore inviting friends to jam is not a problem to me.

After our well-conducted research, we present to you the ten best electronic drum sets you can find in the market to positively help you in making a wise decision when shopping for an electronic drum set.

The Advantages of Electronic Drums

Part of the biggest issue I had when I was younger and learning how to play drum set and beat the snare were my neighbors. I was unable to beat the drums at my desired time, sometimes I love playing drums past 8:00 PM, but I can’t play do that because of my neighbors, besides I am a bit shy.

I have a great passion for drum and needed practice, also was complete self-conscious. Some drummers will agree that if possible, we would play at every moment of the day – though this is not applicable to everyone. Except you are living in a remote area or you have a drum set in a studio that is well sound-proof, with a real drum set you can’t beat the drum anytime you wish,  but with an electronic drum set you can plug-in those headphones then drum away at your desired time. -  This is part of the biggest advantages of the best electronic drum set.

Not like the real drum set where you have to pick each part and stand, the majority of the electronic drums are portable in size, their racks can be folded to fit more comfortable in your car. It can likewise be stored anyway effortlessly rather than keeping it in a garage, studio or room at all times.

 To sum up, the flexibility we receive regarding recording, the drum sounds, as well as other advanced technology features that accomplished the electronic drum set is priceless. Similar to drum machines, the most modules of this drums produce multiple choice of sounds compared to one sound that a real drum set produced. This range from marching, jazz, hip-hop, and even rock, you can also import your sounds into some of these drums- which makes it more exciting if you are a junkie. The possibilities and flexibility with electronic drum sets are unending.

What to Consider When Choosing Electronic Drum Set?

  1.  Consider what you Want (Mesh or Rubber pads) - There is some disparity between the two, to make things straightforward; the mesh pads are the best. They sound more real, responsive, and can be tuned. We wouldn’t talk much on this; it depends on your preference. Though mesh pads are a little more expensive than rubber. Know that rubber pads also work fine; they do what they are told and give a coherent sound.

  2. Consider the Pieces you will get - Most of these set comes in 5 pieces. – This consists of a snare, crash, hit-hat, kick and a few toms. And others come with some additive pieces like a floor tom, ride cymbal and more. Although it depends on your favorite, here we have covered a variety of drums which gives different pieces; you will get the standard in 5 pieces.

  3. Consider your Budget - As electronic drum sets are a concern, you are getting what exactly you paid for, because of there a wide variation of price. There are cheaper ones as well as expensive ones, nevertheless, set a budget that can get you more professional electronic drums.

  4. Consider the Capabilities of the Module - In this place, your budget needs to be put into consideration, and the bigger the drum’s module, the advanced the technology it has. Some best electronic drum set has MIDI in & out, auxiliary ports that allow you to plug your smart devices and practice games play MP3’s, upload one’s sounds and a lot of advanced things. However, if you are on a small budget, you can buy the affordable ones who don’t have the advanced features. Here we will highlight those sets that have the features which worth looking at.


Here is the master list of the best electronic drum sets you can find on the market today. It will be highly appreciated if you can let's realize which model you went with or if perhaps you feel that we omitted any essential models via the comment box.

Roland TD-11KV-S

If you need the best quality of electronic drum set, Roland is an excellent option. It is well known among most drummers, and it’s because of its real sounding and super naturalistic experience which a lot of other inexpensive and lower-end electronic drum set cannot be compared with. In term of quality, the sound module is great; it gives some natural and expressive sounds with fancy facets like quick recording as well as play, song backing, data storage and USB with MIDI likewise a COACH function.

 It has mesh head toms and snares of high quality, incredible dual triggering technology for velocity and accuracy senses. It also has a highly sensitive and weight balance crash and cymbals, whereas the kick is designed with a cloth which produces a great bass. Roland TD-11KV-S is magnificent if you are with a good budget, but if you can’t afford it now, you can wait till you have the money for it.

Roland TD-11K-S

This set is known for its natural sounds, play and record capacity, Audio/MIDI data Storage, and COACH function. Talking of Roland is talking about the high side of drums, beautiful, unique, outstanding electronic set of drums, with a mesh – head V-pad snare that can be used for double-triggering to replicate distance the head and the snare rim. Very big Rubber Toms, accurate triggers, top quality cymbals out of many other outstanding features. Roland is a drum to consider if you’re looking for high quality over price consideration.

Yamaha DTX400K

Yamaha is also one of the brands we all know, and I can't recollect a period when I did not have no less than one piece of gear made by them. Yamaha DTX400K is not just one of the well-known products of Yamaha, but it is highly rated because it is a high-quality electronic drum set. Another thing I find surprising is that it has 10 drum kits, though its sound is not as many like that of DM7X; nevertheless, it has 42 percussions, 21 kicks, 36 toms, 23 snares, and 32 cymbals. Its kick unit is calmed.

Yamaha DTX400K also has a ride cymbal and crash, a floor tom, two toms, snare, and hi-hat. The pads sizes are the same with that of DM7X. The advanced features in this module justified the price, it is fun to practice with because of the built-in routines for drumming game, groove tools, as well as warm ups. If what is important to you is not the same as us, being the fact that we know most drummers that just need some sounds and pads to slam, and others need to work on their craft. To us, it is not bad to have these features, but similarly, it is based on your budget. It will just cost a little money more than Alesis DM7X, but it is another good option in term of the best electronic drum set.


OSP DD - 502 MKII is not a household name, not famous as such, but well known in Amazon. An OSP DD - 502 MKII comes with three beautiful, strong Toms, a Snare, three cymbals, kick and a HI-hat. OSP DD Comes handy with 50 preset song and 215 voices, MIDI, auxiliary, and a headphone jack. Doesn’t have many outstanding features like the ones we have been reviewing but couldn’t be ignored due to its popularity on market sites like Amazon.

Alesis DM7X

This set is a smart choice for people that know quality, DM7X is part of the best brand on the market regarding percussion gear. Though it is not too expensive or too cheap, if you are not budget-constrained, this best electronic drum set is highly recommended for you. The percussion, cymbals, and drums are complete, it has 385 sounds and 40 organized kits, in fact, this module is a complete drum set we know.
Sounds can be assigned easily to any desired piece, and the snare, 8 inches dual zone, likewise the 10 inches four cymbal pad offer you with the best standard setup as far as electronic kit is concerned. In summary, you get the drum set easily. We would concede that the LCD screen is moderately standard, yet you don’t need a fancy screen as you will be doing switching round the sounds and you can as well set the tempo you like and have a metronome play.
Alesis’ symbol pads and rubber drum are of accurate quality; this is the best electronic drum set of the most complete we have seen. Alesis DM7X drum kit is the upgraded version of the well-known Alesis DM6X. DM7X is the better drum kit when it comes to additive and quality features although the DM6X is still among the most rated kits in the market for quite a while. Nevertheless, if you are on a small budget, you can still go for original Alesis DM6 if probably it can still be found. – It also has 5-piece. But we prefer DM7X because it is highly rated.

Yamaha DTX522K

This is one of the most outstanding models out of the series of Yamaha DTX when considering price and quality. A DTX522K like DM10 is a must take into account for it comes with a 7 piece set with an impressive floor tom and ride cymbal. You can plug it via USB which can be used with VST’s; this gives it an edge over all other.

With an audio digital workstation, the sounds produced are massive. If you are thinking of incorporating sounds, I bet this is the best drum with a MIDI controller, nice and very slick snare pad. With the traditional snare sound that can be used with either an open or closed RimShot, Yamaha DTX522K comes with even more high-tech tools to practice and an in-built song recorder.

It has a perfect look with a different colored snare which looks more traditional in style. The vibes by the cymbals are next to none; this brand model is more for the professionals and semi-professionals if you’re looking for a more beginner friendly drums previously reviewed drums because this set of drums comes handy with very distinguishing features that can be best handled by pro’s.

Acorn Triple-D5

Acorn Triple-D5, a compact, portable, best to transport the set of drums with very high qualities about the price, just a bit above the Pyle-Pro, with an inbuilt mixer to adjust the level of the 327 different instrument sounds on this brand model, rubber pads, adjustable but very slick frames.

Just to mention a few unbelievable features like a headphone jack, inbuilt chorus and reverberation effects, plug and play compliant USB. Perfect drums set for travels; it’s compact and very affordable.

Pyle-Pro PED04

Pyle-Pro is very common in the market today because it is mostly considered when it comes to cheap gear and budget friendly best electronic drum set. PED04 also has some features like MIDI in & out (which is a good advantage), headphones jack, stereo line-in, inbuilt metronome, an adjustable rack, reverberation switch and even more enjoyable features.

You will get 5 drums pads, standard crash cymbal, and a hi-hat pedal. Not advanced though, the components works perfectly with some other unique inbuilt components, with 11 pre-set kits, four variations a good quality sound is assured, most people prefer this brand because of its affordability as well as the jam-packed qualities the drummer gets.

This brand is unique and great for even beginners who need just a simple set. The fuss of the velocity sensors are okay if the person playing is not more of a metal style, perhaps faster, when recording MIDI may experience a double hit. Aside from this, Pyle-Pro is the best recommendation if you are on a low budget.

Ddrum DD1

This brand is not too popular, but if you have the money, it’s an electronic drum set you must have, although Ddrum is not like most other famous drums, Ddrums was the one that heralds the drum revolution in the last few decades. Having a closer look at a Ddrum one must but notice some unique features like a MIDI and USB compatibility, an Auxiliary input for MP3 playback and even some more.

A Ddrum has a standard rack; Hi-hats with a hat controller pad, a kick drum pad, Crash, and Ride. They are durable and will last for long if you’re considering a long time investment in drums, then a Ddrum will serve just right if proper care and maintenance are done. Which makes it perfect for kids, beginners, etc. with a cool feature like the auxiliary hook up one can jam any song for practice, play, fun or work on a new track.

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit

This is another model from Alessi's, this is one of their best product if the price is not a primary consideration. Alesis DM10 has a drum pad that its quality is the best, alloy cymbals made by “Real Head” along with a mounting system by “ErgoRack,” this brand is more advanced compared to the first two reviewed earlier. It comes with an In-built mixer, USB through which it’s possible to load new sounds, Alesis is perfect for the 70’s classics jams, also with a sequencer, A MIDI interface all in-built makes this brand even more outstanding.

If you hit the pad’s edge, you will get stick sound in the mix because the pads are8 & 10 inch of dual zone which makes it a real set. if you are not budget constrained, this best electronic drums set is highly recommended for you because of the fantastic real feel it gives.

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