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Top 10 Best Electric Guitars


The best electric guitars are not only qualified by the sound they produce. Rather, they are as well determined by how they feel in your hand when you operate them. One could recall the experience of those days when Telecasters were being used. Guitars have taken over these days. If you are considering buying the best electric guitars, there are some factors you need to consider. Some of these factors are discussed below.

Selecting The Best Electric Guitar

Your budget

The first thing that should come to your mind when it comes to the best electric guitars is money. Generally, you need to budget a decent amount of money if you really want a good investment. Although there are some guitars at a fairly low price, most of the decent pairs are above the half-a-thousand mark. Obviously, this is solemnly dependent on you. Do you want an starter electric guitar or a more sophisticated one that the popular artists use? Definitely, you will find some useful information reading this article

Guitar body

Everybody have their own individual preference when it comes to guitar bodies. There are even more versions when it comes to the shapes and size of guitars. But to keep it straight, we will focus more on the commonest guitar bodies. These are the guitar bodies you are more likely to come across in your search for the best electric guitar.

Solid Body

The solid guitar body style is generally user-friendly. These types of guitars do not have a sound box which is present in others. Instead, it depends on an whole electric pickup system to identify and pick the vibrations of the string. These types of guitars dominate the entire market and are the most popular. One of the advantages of the solid build guitar types is their ability to be amplified at a very high volume without having tom worry on the feedback. They provide more combinations when it comes to designs and shape. Also, they are highly responsive to the use of effects since it is almost fully dependent on amplification. Punk, Rock, Metal, Classic, and so on are among the preferred genres.


Just as the name implies, semi-hollow refers to a small type of sound box. Some of guitars with this design support the amplification of sound at the same time. Hence, users are allowed to use an amplifier for proper adjustment, although there are feedback worries. They are lighter in weight than the solid bodies and a lot of people reported that they are versatile than the solid body guitars. The qualifying features used to represent the hollow-body sound are bright, warm, and nice overtones. Jazz, vintage country and rockabilly are among the preferred guitarists.


This is a little bit rare when compared to the previous two. Nevertheless, this may be exactly what you need. Electric guitars with hollow body sound like acoustic guitars. It produces a brighter sound but may experience trouble when tuned to a higher volume. This is because of the feedback effect especially at the medium – higher volumes. It is characterized by a round and full tone with a good bass response. This gives jazz players a boost when they listen to it

Righty or lefty? 

Are you looking for a righty or lefty guitar? Make sure the one you choose offers your compatibility. Better still, there are some guitar that offer both. 

Color styles

 Color To some extent, there are some people who use color as a preference when selecting the best electric guitar. The two most popular colors are the white and black. More so, some artists want a guitar with a color that represent/.reflects their band color/style. Luckily, when it comes to guitar color, there are several options available. Nevertheless, the guitar color doesn’t have any effect whatsoever on the quality of sound produced. 


If you are just starting out, we’d recommend you to read our guide for guitar beginners. Otherwise, let us proceed to our selections. Below is a long list of 10 best electric guitars based on our research and experience with them. Although it is very hard to stick with this 10, we hope that the list below will sufficiently answer the questions on your mind when it comes to guitar selection.

1/ ESP LTD EC-1000

The ESP LTD EC-1000 is an electric guitar recommended for musicians who seek to upgrade their music to an exaggerated level. This is especially associated with the world of rock-n-roll. The body and neck of this guitar are made from Mahogany with a touch of Rosewood Fretboard. This makes the guitar light-weighted and balanced. The 24 frets are larger in size to facilitate an easy change of chord. Additionally, the tailpiece and the locking bridge of this instrument make tuning very easy. 

 Sound output is perfectly controlled with the toggle switch. Also, this model comes with 2 volume controls for the different play modes. It is carefully designed and ideal for professional musicians who want to play a harder edge to their sound. This product has top notch features at a reasonable price.

2/ Squier Bullet Stratocaster SSS

Squier Bullet Stratocaster SSS provides a simplistic design at a very affordable price. It is essentially ideal for guitarists who are just starting their foray into the music world. This guitar is sold at almost a half price. We decided to include this in the middle of the list for those looking for an excessively affordable piece. It has a basswood finish and a “C” shape design. Furthermore, it is light-weighted and very comfortable. This makes it ideal for individuals who are just learning the basics of chord progressions. It will assist them a lot through their long process of practice.

 It has 21 frets installed in a medium jumbo size. This makes it easier to learn and understand the basics of moving between chords. It has a single coil string pickup. It is available in three different colors I(Sea-foam green, Candy Apple Red, and Lake Placid Blue). Generally, this guitar is one of the best electric guitars, especially for starters.

3/ Epiphone Les Paul Special II

The Epiphone Les Paul Special II is a perfect guitar for starters who need a continuous training or professionals who seek additional training session. It has all the essential features you would love to see in the best electric guitars. Also, it goes for a very affordable price. It has a combination of 650R humbucker pickups and open coil design which deliver powerful and sustained tones. As a general feature of all Epiphone guitars, this product contains more than 500k potentiometers for the volume and tone. Plus, a toggle selector is present which has a 3-way pickup. This focuses on sound clarity and reduced excess humming. The neck and entire body are made of mahogany. Also, the fretboard contains dot inlays embedded in the rosewood design. The presence of stop bar tailpiece makes string changing quite easier. This helps to add flavor to the sound when used together with LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge. With the few but interesting features highlighted above, this product is a strong contender on this list.

4/ Fender Telecaster

Although it is quite difficult to select a product as the number one, we still need to start off our list with one. The Gender Telecaster is a high-quality electric guitar. It is recommended for musicians who are looking to improve their guitar knowledge to a relatively accomplished guitarist. Generally, Fender products are famously known for quality and durable products. This same recommendation is upheld in this Telecaster Guitar. It is equipped with protective body cavity which is meant to reduce reverberation. It is also designed to focus more on the individual notes.

 It has dual single-coil pickups which allow the player to vary between strong treble and sharp tones. This, in turn, provides a unique sound that fits the different genres of interest. Also on the fingerboard is a flat surface which facilitates an easy switch between chords and notes. Additionally, the alder wood that was used for the guitar body ensures that quality sound is produced. It is made in a “C” shape which makes it very comfortable for guitarists. Definitely, the Fender Telecast is one of the best electric guitars you can invest in with your money. What about the sound? It produces a clean, classic, clear, and biting sound. In fact, there is no such adjective to qualify this!

5/ Gibson Les Paul Studio

The Gibson brand is known for synonymous products in the guitars market. They have produced some of the best electric guitars known till the date of which Les Paul Studio is a part. It is designed to have a classic look while maintaining the appearance of a vintage quality. The neck of this guitar is slimmer than common traditional models known. This facilitates smooth and easy transitions when switching between notes and chords. The guitar also makes use of the latest version of Humbucker PAF or eliminates any external influence. This external influence can cause detraction from the genuine sound quality. Les Paul Studio Guitar is made from the Mahogany and Maple tree which means high definition and sustainability. Some other exciting features of this instrument include the traditional tuners, a neck heel, and a Graph Tech Nut. This instrument gained a lot of positive feedback and as well great for the price. The Les Paul Studio a guitar you should consider.

6/ Gretsch G5422TDC Electromatic

If you are looking for a guitar that will deliver an exaggerated twang, then the Gretsch G5422TDC Electromatic is what you are looking for. It is designed with a wider frame and hollow body. It uses the “Black Top” Filter’Tron pickups to produce a unique sound. The toggle contains 3 positions that give users the ability to customize the tone balance. Additionally, all the strings on the guitar are capable of delivering a string intonation, this is influenced by the Adjusto-Matic Bridge.

 This guitar also has a vibrato tailpiece that adds depth and resonance to the sound quality. By using maple for the body frame, more clarity is added to the tone which is unique to the design. There are also 3 position pickup, rosewood fingerboard, and open-back tuners. This style gives a competitive option for musicians.

7/ Ibanez Roadcore RC365H

Are you worried about why we choose an Ibanez model? Well, there are some features we considered. Ibanez RoadCore is made of the Mahogany tree with a vintage look. This appearance itself is appealing to the eyes. The instrument offers a retro feel as well as a modern sound. There is an F-hole towards the lower area of the guitar which provides a deep and rich resonant sound. The neck of the guitar has an RC bolt that contributes to the depth and warmth to the notes. RoadCore RC365H is stringed throughout the body with an improved bridge. This makes turning quite easier while switching through progression as. The rosewood fingerboard also represents both style and comfort. One of the most exciting features of this instrument is the Core-Tone pickup that is custom designed. This reduces extra hum and reverberation in order to ensure tone clarity. The different tones are represented by a three-way sector. Conclusively, this Ibanez electric guitar offers quality features as well as a classic look.

8/ Fender Stratocaster American Standard

The Stratocaster American Standard is a popular electric guitar. It is the second product by Fender on our list. It is an expensive option with the essential features needed by a seasoned guitarist. The body is built with a combination of ash and alder. The bridge is upgraded using a block that is infused with steel and copper saddles. This wonderful composition provides for a strong intonation and easy adjustment of pitch.

The Turners of this Fender Stratocaster are placed at different degrees and heights. This design ensures a reduced reverberation and excess humming in order to focus more on sound clarity. Another feature of this electric guitar is the single coil Strat that is custom-designed, called Fat 50s. This is included with the aim of creating a fuller sound which is relatively absent in other instruments. It has a C-shaped design with a perfect finishing. Indeed, this 22-fret guitar has all the essential features desired by guitar enthusiasts.

9/ D’Angelico EX-DC Standard

This is a slim, semi-hollow, and C-shaped guitar with professional features. The D’Angelico Standard is a high-grade guitar that is available at a relatively higher price. It creates a more natural tone and adds a sense of organic quality to the produced sound. It uses Kent Armstrong Vintage humbuckers to produce sounds that are focused and free of unnecessary reverberation. The presence of Super-Rotomatic tuners helps to maintain a tuning accuracy for a considerable period of time. This is facilitated by the turning radius present in the design. The strings are maintained at a comfortable tension with the help of the unique Stairstep tailpiece. This helps to create a powerful resonant sound as well as an assured sturdiness. Designed in a semi-hollow dimension with maple on the upper and inferior side, D’Angelico EX-D Standard Guitar is indeed amazing. Some other exciting features include the 3-way toggle that provides 2 separate tones and 2 mode volume. It is useful for different types of music genres. The D’Angelico EX-D Standard is made specifically to satisfy the needs of the masses.

10/ Ibanez Artcore AF75

Another Ibanez product on our list of the top 10 best electric guitars! Being the last on the list doesn’t mean it is the least. The Ibanez Artcore AF75 is a well-known hollow-body electric guitar. Due to its hollow design, it is highly useful and plays well in all genres. Its neck is made of Mahogany while the body is made of Maple. It is known for its super-quality tone and its ability to stick by a tune all through the process of playing. This is partly necessitated by the pickups at the bridge and neck. It also goes a long way to reducing unnecessary humming for the sake of clarity in the pitch and tone of the music. The knobs at the base of the body are designed to be highly sensitive to grip. This facilitates an easy change in volume and tone between the bridge and the neck of the guitar. It also makes use of the three pickup selectors. There is also a pearl block inlay on the rosewood fretboard. This adds rigidity to the 20 frets electric guitar. This and many more features make the Ibanez Artcore AF75 a valid option to conclude our list of the top 10 best electric guitars.

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