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Reviews and Buyer’s Guide for the Top Studio Monitor Speaker of 2017

SKIP INTRO? See The Top 10 Best Studio MonitorsIt is possible for you to have bought all the necessary components of your studio, like good microphone or audio interface. An essential component needed in your setup is a quality sound output that will produce the sound of the highest quality. You should have the right equipment needed to replicate your audio, once you have the required equipment to record your audio.For your studio to be well equipped, you should purchase a good studio monitor speaker, maybe for home…

Top 10 Best Studio Headphones for 2017

SKIP INTRO? See The Best Studio HeadphonesBuying the best studio headphones is as important as buying a good bed. These are materials you will be using every day. Hence, if you are going to invest part of your budget on the best studio headphones, you need to go the ones that will last you many years. Just because the word “studio” is inscribed on a brand or product doesn’t guarantee that they are the best. This is one of the trending topics of the day in our society, especially with the introduction of “Beats by Dre” and…

The 10 Best Audio Interfaces for Your Recording Needs for 2018

SKIP INTRO? See The Best 10 Audio InterfacesOur job is to help you select the best audio interfaces that will guarantee excellent recordingsAre you looking for the best audio interfaces to upgrade your studio’s recordings? Audio interfaces are an essential part of making great music, in fact, the most important aspect in our view. If your studio is not equipped with an audio interface, you are under tooled because you can't make excellent recordings without one. The best audio interfaces give us total control of our…

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