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Piano or Keyboard Which is The Best Choice as Beginner


If you’re among those who have arrived at the marketplace in search of a piano, the options that you have are just about limitless. However, you don’t have limitless time to spare. In the section below we discuss the diverse classes of pianos and the finest pianos series of these classes that have got the finest ratings on Amazon

A person who has just started on his/her piano lessons requires a high-quality instrument. Consider it for a moment. If you would have liked you kid to play the game of soccer, would you have sent your kid out onto the turf in any pair of low-priced flip-flops, or would you’ve ensured that your kid had high-quality shoes on? The answer will certainly be shoes. Then again, does your kid require professional-quality soccer cleats worth $100? The answer is possibly not on the very first day.

Being a parent, you wish ensuring that your beginning piano learner has a first-rate experience at the time h/she learns to play. The section below will help you decide the piece that will suit your kid and your budget the best.

A Keyboard device for your residence

Three fundamental classes of keyboard instruments are available. The biggest sized and most pricey, and also the finest for the development of piano expertise, are acoustic pianos. There’re also many first-class digital pianos, which are less pricey, and are great at impersonating the acoustic instrument’s sound and feel. A third class, which is electronic keyboards, is the most economical option.

Acoustic Pianos

A first-class acoustic instrument producing sound from actual strings and bona fide wood presents a degree of receptiveness and a collection of dynamics and tones that the nicest digital pianos will find hard to match. The quicker an undergraduate has the chance of practicing on acoustic instruments having that variety of tinged musical receptiveness, the better for him/her. An acoustic piano is pricey with the typical cost range for a premium acoustic upright being between $4,000 and $8,000.

Those keen on a grand / baby grand piano is expected shell out between $6,000 and $10,000 / more. According to Hoffman Academy Yamaha U1 is a grand upright piano, though there’re other high-quality brands like Boston, Kawai, and Schimmel.

Digital Pianos

A Digital piano has been designed for sounding and feeling as a great deal like acoustic pianos as likely. Its keys offer the accurate resistance to the touch, and are receptive to pressure and speed to present an assortment of dynamics. They are delivered within a console of a cabinet-style, and are lesser sized and more economical compared to upright pianos, usually costing between $1,000 and $2,000.

The digital piano that Hoffman Academy prefers is “Yamaha Arius series.” These Yamaha digital pianos have model numbers that start with ‘YDP.’ An Arius model is likely to carry a price of between $1,000 and $2,000.

Given below are the Yamaha Arius models that are ranked at the top on Amazon. You should compare their features to know the model that suits you the best.

* Yamaha Arius YDP-142 – $1,000 - Check On Amazon

* Yamaha Arius YDP-162 – $1,300 - Check On Amazon

* Yamaha Arius YDP-181 – $1,700 - Check On Amazon

* Yamaha Arius YDP-V240 – $2,000 - Check On Amazon

Hoffman Academy also likes Casio Privia series of digital pianos having model numbers that start with ‘PX.’ Though this series is no match for an acoustic piano’s sound and feel they’re more inexpensive and thus a great place for starting.

Given below is the Casio Privia that has got the top ratings on Amazon.

* Casio Privia PX-150 – $480 - Check On Amazon

* Casio Privia PX-160 – $500 - Check On Amazon

* Casio Privia PX-350 – $700 - Check On Amazon

* Casio Privia PX-850 – $1,000 - Check On Amazon

* Casio Privia PX-860 – $1,100 - Check On Amazon

Electronic Keyboards

A learner can commence with any electronic keyboard without spending much. They are available in numerous sizes and rates. They don’t try and impersonate the experience of a bona fide piano. They’re designed to act as mini synthesizers and could feature numerous diverse instrument sounds and rhythm tracks that are pre-recorded. The most important factor for a learner is the number of keys and if they’re weighted.

Learning on any keyboard having 88 weighted keys provides students with a great advantage.

On a keyboard having 88 weighted keys being outside the budget of a learner the general recommendation for him/her is using a keyboard having a minimum of 61 keys.

Hoffman Academy proposes Yamaha PSR Series and Casio CTK Series. Models of these series are priced between $80 and $250.

While purchasing any electronic keyboard you must also purchase a keyboard stand and a bench. For a bench Casio CB7 is a well-built yet plain bench that has sufficient tallness to let kids & grown-ups play with excellent posture.


Digital pianos or electronic keyboards have several advantages over acoustic pianos. Among them is the facility of plugging in headphones. Many of these are also connectable to PCs using a midi cable and sable with every form of educational and music making software. They’re additionally portable and do not require tuning. A learner can get an excellent start on such instruments. However, nothing compares with acoustic pianos. A learner having access to a top-notch acoustic piano will get the chance of developing superior musicianship right for the first day.

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