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Learn How to Play Piano in 7 Simple Steps


Numerous of the individuals who are keen on learning playing a piano gets put off at the thought of having to spend lengthy, dreary hours becoming skilled at music notes. For all those who seriously wish learning playing a piano, the foremost act on your part putting all such off-putting thoughts behind and commence with a free mind.

Learning to play a piano is time consuming and you must gain knowledge of the music notes. However, it doesn’t necessarily require being tedious, and it definitely does not require a lifetime to learn playing on your own. If you pursue the seven steps given below it won’t be long before you play your foremost song by yourself.

Getting to know Your Notes

Music notes could appear strange at the moment. However, the letters in the alphabet also appeared strange when you had first came across them as a kid. Your interest and the regular use of spoken and written language about you have endowed you with the capability of reading and also made you unafraid of all the written words anytime you happen to see them. This is true with music notes. They can be described as he ABC of music, and of you practice constantly you will automatically start sight-reading them just as you’re sight reading the information below.

Let’s put you on the road with the Sound of Music’s trendy show tune, namely, Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do. You must be aware of it. Try putting your voice to it. Musical notes are made up of A B C D E F G. This show tune is going to put to use for helping you acquire the notes’ pitch and also to gain knowledge of the keys.

A quick glance at music notes lying on a grand staff will reveal a note at the middle of that staff and its Middle C. Try placing yourself at the center of a piano and try finding Middle C and learning your piano keys.

Getting to know your Piano Keys

Every black key is made use of for playing what is referred to as flat (b) and sharp (#) notes and they are laid out in clusters of twos & threes. Try to find the assembly of five black colored keys that are right at the middle of your piano. They are grouped as 3 and 2 keys respectively.

Middle C is referred to the white colored key at the left side of the couple of black colored keys at the central section of any piano. Put finger 1, which is the right thumb, right on top of Middle C. On moving from an end of the piano to another end you’ll observe that the key that’s placed immediately on the left of all sets of two black colored keys is the C. Spend some time studying the picture of piano keys when you match notes to your piano keys.

Playing Do-Re-Mi

Look at a diagram of the Do-Re-Mi tune and enjoy as you play it. Bear in mind that you commence at Middle C. After that, you are free to travel upward and downward the piano making yourself acquainted with the keys.

Stepping it up somewhat

It’s time to enliven things somewhat and a great way is by playing another simple song called Jingle Bells. Have a look at a diagram that shows a music sheet of the song. The 4/4 that is at the left side of the clef implies that all measures/bars require four beats, namely, 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 and. In the subsequent step you’ll find out the count for all notes on a music sheet

Musical Notes & Timing

All notes indicate the amount of count it must get or the length of time for which the keys must be held down. You’ll find a music sheet with three notes though there’re more. Make out the notes a note at a time before reading beneath for the elected counts.

  • Whole note – It has Four beats, namely, 1 & -2 and – 3 & - 4 and
  • Half note – It has two beats, namely, 1 & 2 and
  • Quarter note – It has a single beat, namely, 1 and

Connecting Notes

Let’s say that the foremost measure of a music sheet features three E notes, among which a couple are quarter notes with a single being a half note. Try playing these till you have got a hang/feel of it before proceeding to the additional measures till you’re able to play these successively.

Evaluate and Practice

Go over the above 6 steps and keep at it till you’re able to play the number called Jingle Bells. Then start playing songs that require use of both your hands.


Learning the piano is time consuming and requires practice. You have got to know the music notes well. The steps given in this article will help you in playing simple tunes that just require the use of the right hand quite fast and you can proceed playing more complex numbers. There are some really good online sources for learning piano and becoming an accomplished player.

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