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Editor Pick of The 10 Best Bass Guitars


An excellent bass will feel good when you hold it, offer you the sensation and sound you envision before actually playing it and have the aesthetic appearance surpassing your imaginations. Since different people have different their liking and preferences, we would like to come up with the 10 leading bass guitars in the market to assist you select the one that best suits you.  Looking back into our childhood days we still have flashbacks of our father playing his classic Fender bass guitar on stage. Having played bass for about half a century, he recommends starting guitarists begin playing bass first before going for the guitar. This article will be helpful for you whether you are looking to get your first ever bass or you simply wish to get something better than what you already have.

Selecting the Bass Guitar That Best Meets Your Needs

Bass Scale – This refers to the distance between strings and bridge found at the extreme bass body and the nut found in between the headstock and fretboard. A short bass scale ranging around 30″ is recommended for younger people or people with small sized hands while longer bass scales with 35″ as the maximum are suggested for people with longer arms or those desiring to play extra frets.


Here we outline the 10 most excellent bass guitars across the globe that we feel will catch your attention. Finally feel free to drop your questions or reviews regarding our top picks. This article is intended to help you select the bass that best meets your needs and preferences and it is our hope that it will be helpful. We also hope that you will enjoy bass playing!

1/ Schecter 2853 Session RIOT-5 ANS Bass Guitars

The Schecter 2853 Session RIOT-5 is an impressive bass guitar. Its maple is made from maple and its body from swamp ash material giving it that traditional and natural appearance. Additionally it is certainly a bit complex compared to other bass guitars available in the market, has a 5 string count and 3 bands of EQ that allow you access multiple tones. It includes 2 EMG pickups giving it the more versatility to handle what is fed into it. It has an EMG 35V DC double coil together with low noise preamplifier that provides a very substantial performance with very little noise. Those interested in a bass that produces middle range sound can therefore go for the Schecter 2853 Session RIOT-5.

2/ Rogue LX200B Series III Electric Bass Guitar

The Rogue LX200B is another excellent model for starters. It features the bolt-on-neck construction with its neck made from, a quick to learn and use fretboard and has a conventional split that is covered up which also make learning smooth and easy. Its black double cutaway body made from basswood gives the Rogue LX200B that classic bass guitar appearance. It includes two volume controls, two tone controls and two single coil pickups; P style split neck pickup and J-style hambucker bridge pickup. These two pickups enable you get broad vibration ranges using your bass. Although it has a classic appearance, its black body and double die-cast tuners make it look stylish in outline and finish.  In case you seek to become an expert bassist someday then this model will offer you the opportunity to progress to greatness. In addition, it is low cost and you will not spend so much.

3/ ESP LTD Standard F104 Electric Bass Guitar

an electric bass guitar with a black finish and a black body with pointed edges giving it that real rock star touch. If as an individual you like that traditional rock star feel and appearance then this is the most suitable bass guitar for you. Its body is made from basswood, it neck is made from maple and fingerboard is made from rosewood. The ESP LTD F-104 model includes LTD tuners and LTD BD-4 Bridge that enable it hit various bass sounds. Additionally it employs a bolt-on-neck build, has a 35” bass scale and 24 spare jumbo frets if ever you will need to replace or change frets. It has passive ESP pickups; active EQ SB-4B and SB-4N which are both pretty easy to become familiarized with. The ESP LTD F-104 is fairly affordable and if you like its black look and rock star finish then this is the model for you. It is popular for its excellently smooth and introspective sound but again jazz, country and pop bassists find it great too. However metalists prefer it most.

4/ Squier Affinity

This is the most affordable and effective bass featuring in our top 10 list. This model is used by Jimi Hendrix; its body is contoured and made from alder. It has three single-coil pickups which produce a clear superior tone likened to classical rock tremolo flavor and has a 5-way pickup selector switch. Additionally, its die-cast tuning knobs enable convenient tuning and reliability considering its worth.  Its headstock is big and has that classic 1970’s feels with a classical 6 screw trem. Its neck is made from maple, plays really fast and feels great even when not playing too fast. The Squier Affinity model is great for learners with limited budget. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple and a bit of slum then this model is for you.

5/ Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

6/ Fender Standard Fretless

the greatest bass ever made. You be confident about this bass because to begin with Fender guarantees quality and dependability. Fender Standard bass is an electric bass with 4 strings and it is fretless. Its body is made from alder and neck is made from fine maple. Its offset-waist makes it feel light and provides the player a relaxed feel when playing; additionally, it has a narrow, easily playable neck and very responsive neck and fretless fingerboard made from rosewood making it quite easy for learners. The Fender Standard Fretless has two standard single-coil jazz bass pick-ups that give out a broad range of amazing bass sounds with a bit of versatile tone variation. Additionally, this model has purely vintage jazz bass knob controls giving it a fresh and fashionable look as you play on stage. This model costs more with respect to other models in this list but again being a Fender the cost is justified since Fender is among the best manufacturers of music instruments globally. This model is our best recommendation if its cost is within your budget.  If your budget does not allow, do not worry because we provide your other great options that you choose from.

7/ Fender Mustang PJ Bass

8/ Fender American Elite Dimension Bass V

This is a cutting edge model and while its price is high it is also of great quality. While research on this article, it was apparent that this model is the finest bass of all with respect to design and specifications. It is an electric bass with a dual cutaway and four strings. Additionally, it has two soundless single-coil pickups and 18-volt preamplifier positioned on top of the body of the guitar which provides more headroom and reduces noise.

The Fender American Elite is designed for comfort; it includes a compound form neck and modernly improved Fender curved neck heel. Its HiMass vintage styled bridge and modern bone nut provide it a natural, beautiful and classic appearance. It also consists of a remodeled ABS elite formed case that has TSA locks. This bass is best for expert bassists who would not mind extra spending. This bass is outstanding.

9/ Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. SB4

The S.U.B.SB4 creation from the Sterling by Music made it to our list of the finest bass guitars in the market. This bass takes into account comfort and size; it has a slim body   and a narrow nut width of about 37mm making playing it pretty easy. For those looking for a bass that is small in size then this model is perfect for you. Its body is relatively smaller compared to other bass guitars and it is made from hardwood and provides 2 active preamp bands. It includes a high output humbucker pickup and a 34” bass scale great for learners and for comfortable playing.

This model is quite affordable and it provides all essential tools to enable you learn and grow into a great bass player. This model is best for those who need a small sized bass guitar.

10/ Dean Acoustic-Electric Bass

The Dean EAB is an acoustic-electric type of bass guitar; it is full size and has a laminated top and a body made from mahogany. Its tones are relatively deeper and fuller compared to other bass guitars outlined in this article. It has standard features typical for acoustic bass guitars; a base scale of 34” and a nut width of 1-⅝”. This model is great for beginners since it does not require an amplifier; it plays just fine even without an amplifier. Additionally, it is loud enough and can be jammed with acoustic guitarist and has essential on-board controls allowing you carry it when performing on stage; it is very adaptable allowing it to be used with several bass applications. Being acoustic, the Dean EAB model is best for recording music at home because it produces solid sound and does not require speaker rigging. It also includes a passive pickup made from piezo if you would want to plug in and play your bass. This model is very low cost and may be best for those interested in acoustic bass guitars.

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