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Classic Recordings by Puerto Rico's Legendary String Band Ensemble (1929-1932)

Yazoo 7018; Ordering Information

Los Jardineros is the greatest traditional Puerto Rican band that ever recorded. Legendary for their brilliant musicianship, the recordings made by this ensemble from 1929 to 1932 capture the rural jibaro style and spirit in its heyday when it was most strong and vibrant. Their original 78s pressed over 75 years ago are extremely rare collectors items. Fans of early traditional music will be hearing them for the first time and will find this release a revelation packed with unique, top-notch performances. Drawn from an extensive body of work that reveals the diversity of the early Puerto Rican music scene on the island and in New York, The Best of Los Jardineros features plenas, boleros, danzas, decimas, aguinaldos, fox trots and more - a fascinating array of vocal and instrumental performances in the traditional styles of the day. Contains 23 newly restored 78s which feature, among an all-star line-up of singers and musicians, the top Puerto Rican guitar, mandolin and cuatro players of the period - plus a large format booklet insert with extensive notes, lyrics and graphics printed in both English and Spanish.


1. Endemoniao (Possessed by the Devil)
2. Café Colao (Strained Coffee)
3. La Noche (The Night)
4. Novio Esplendido (Splendid Boyfriend)
5. Panchita (Panchita)
6. Agua Caliente (Hot Water)
7. Papa Roosevelt (Papa Roosevelt)
8. El Hombre Y La Mujer (The Man and the Woman)
9. Estrella de Oriente (Star of the East)
10. Impromptu (Impromptu)
11. Yuca Y Name (Cassava and Yam)
12. Los Jardineros Bombeando (The Jardineros Improvising)
13. Se La Voy A Decoser (I’m Going To Rip It)
14. Don Juan Tenorio (Sir John the Seductor)
15. Seis Jibaro (Puerto Rican Peasant Six)
16. El Pregonerito (The Little Street Peddler)
17. Jala La Cadena (Pull the Toilet’s Chain)
18. El Vividor (The Freeloader)
19. Amada (Beloved)
20. Emma (Emma)
21. La Carabina De Ambrosio (Ambrosio’s
22. Vigoroso (Vigorous)
23. Ecos del Bosque (Woodland Echoes)
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