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Washington Phillips
The Key To The Kingdom
Yazoo 2073; Ordering Information

Washington Phillips is one of the most intriguing and delightful figures in American music history. His style is completely unique, both in his warm, plaintive singing and his use of zither for accompaniment. His treatments of early religious material is poignant and expressive and his zither playing backup is absolutely captivating. His complete output of 16 selections is presented here with brand new remastering that heightens all the irresistible characteristics of his performances. Included also are 4 bonus tracks of similarly touching early religious music by Mamie and A.C. Forehand.


1. Lift Him Up That's All
2. Paul And Silas In Jail
3. Mother's Last Word To Her Son
4. The Church Needs Good Deacons
5. Jesus Is My Friend
6. A Mother's Last Word To Her Daughter
7. I Had A Good Father And Mother
8. I Am Born To Preach The Gospel
9. Take Your Burden To The Lord And Leave It There
10. Denomination Blues - Part 1

11. Denomination Blues - Part 2
12. What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
13. I've Got The Key To The Kingdom
14. Train Your Child
15. You Can't Stop A Tattler - Part 1
16. You Can't Stop A Tattler - Part 2
17. Wouldn't Mind Dying If Dying Was All


18. I'm So Glad Today, Today
19. Honey In The Rock
20. Mother's Prayer

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