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The Best of Frank Stokes
Classic Recordings of the 1920s
Yazoo 2072; Ordering Information

Frank Stokes is one of the giant figures in early blues history. His unique blend of blues, rags and breakdowns defined the irresistible Memphis sound of the 1920s. He is joined here by two other Memphis standouts, Dan Sane and Will Batts - together they produced a host of of all-time classics.
1. Take Me Back
2. Mistreatin' Blues
3. You Shall
4. What's The Matter Blues
5. I'm Going Away Blues
6. Memphis Rounders Blues
7. It Won't Be Long Now
8. It's A Good Thing (Take 1)
9. Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do - Part 2 (Take 1 Unissued)
10. Old Sometime Blues
11. I Got Mine

12. Sweet To Mama
13. Nehi Mama
14. Downtown Blues
15. How Long
16. South Memphis Blues
17. Frank Stokes' Dream
18. Mr. Crump Don't Like It
19. Bedtime Blues
20. Jumpin On The Hill (Unissued)
21. Blues In "D"
22. Right Now Blues

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