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The Best of Charlie Spand

Dreaming The Blues
The Best of Charlie Spand
Classic Piano from the 1920s and 30s

Yazoo 2062; Ordering Information

A pioneer in the boogie woogie and barrelhouse style, Charlie Spand was one of the most respected and influential piano players of the 1920s. The very best performances from his substantial body of recorded work are included in this collection.

1. Introduction from Hometown Skiffle
2. Good Gal
3. Got To Have My Sweetbread
4. Back To The Woods Blues
5. Soon This Morning Blues
6. Moanin' The Blues
7. Mistreatment Blues
8. Ain't Gonna Stand For That
9. Dreamin' The Blues
10. Levee Camp Man
11. Fetch Your Water
12. In The Barrel Blues

13. Hastings St.
14. Thirsty Woman Blues
15. Big Fat Mama Blues
16. Mississippi Blues
17. She's Got Good Stuff
18. Evil Woman Spell
19. Soon This Morning #2
20. Room Rent Blues
21. 45th St. Blues
22. Georgia Mule Blues
23. Hard Time Blues
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