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Skip James                <br>                single finest album in acoustic blues.&quot;<br>                <font size="-2">- Sing Out</font></font></i>

Skip James,
"The Complete Early Recordings - 1930"
Yazoo 2009; Ordering Information

"An unalloyed masterpiece, perhaps the single finest
album in acoustic blues." - Sing Out
"Possibly the strangest, most complex and bizarre of
all Mississippi blues artists, James is also one of the
greatest." - Blues Universe

Certainly the most haunting and eerie sounding of all bluesmen, Skip James had a rare ability to draw upon his inner self for musical expression and an unmatched facility as an arranger to create a truly unique body of work. His p laying on guitar and piano is unparalleled for rhythmic unpredictability and emotional effect.

1. Devil Got My Woman
2. Cypress Grove Blues
3. Little Cow And Calf Is Gonna Die Blues
4. Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues
5. Drunken Spree
6. Cherry Ball Blues
7. Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader
8. Illinois Blues
9. How Long "Buck"

10. 4 O'Clock Blues
11. 22-20 Blues
12. Hard Luck Child

13. If You Haven't Any Hay Get On Down The Road
14. Be Ready When He Comes
15. Yola My Blues Away
16. I'm So Glad
17. What Am I To Do Blues
18. Special Rider Blues
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