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Mississippi Sheiks

Mississippi Sheiks,
"Stop and Listen"
Yazoo 2006; Ordering Information

"I knowed the Mississippi Sheiks. Yessir. Walked ten
miles to see them play. They was high-time...makin'
them good records, man.
" - Muddy Waters

The Mississippi Sheiks were the most popular blues artists of the 30s. Their repertoire drew upon all facets of black and white rural music: hard-edged blues, pop music, hokum, white country and traditional songs. Their rendition of "Sitting on Top of the World" has become an enduring standard.

1. Stop And Listen Blues
2. Lonely One In This Town
3. The World Is Going Wrong
4. She Ain't No Good
5. Sitting On Top Of The World
6. Too Long
7. That's It
8. Bootleggers' Blues
9. Somebody's Got To Help You
10. Jail Bird Love Song

11. Shooting High Dice
12. Tell Me To Do It Right
13. Sales Tax
14. Livin' In A strain (unissued)
15. Sweet Maggie
16. She's Crazy About Her Lovin'
17. Please Baby
18. I've Got Blood In My Eyes For You
19. Kind Treatment
0. He Calls That Religion

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