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Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas,
"Complete Recorded Works 1927-1929"
Yazoo 1080/1; Ordering Information

"Certainly, a welcome reissue of one of the pioneer
recording artists of traditional music."

- Living Blues

Representing the oldest style captured on record, Henry Thomas was a singular and important figure. Coming out of Texas at the turn of the century, he left behind a total of 23 issued selections that represent one of the richest contributions to our musical culture. Playing panpipes and guitar with a thrusting drive that evokes a country dance, he gives us a glimpse of black music as it existed late in the 19th century.

1. Fishing Blues
2. Old Country Stomp
3. Charmin' Betsy
4. Lovin' Babe
5. Railroadin' Some
6. Don't Leave Me Here
7. The Little Red Caboose
8. Bob McKinney
9. Honey, Won't You Allow Me One More Chance?
10. Run, Mollie, Run
11. Shanty Blues
12. Woodhouse Blues

13. John Henry
14. Cottonfield Blues
15. Arkansas
16. The Fox and the Hounds
17. Red River Blues
18. Jonah in the Wilderness
19. When the Train Comes Along
20. Bull Doze Blues
21. Don't Ease Me In
22. Texas Easy Street
23. Texas Worried Blues

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