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Roy Smeck

Roy Smeck
Hawaiian Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele and Guitar

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A master musician, Roy Smeck is notable for his magnificent technical skill and artistry as well as his historical importance within the field of guitar playing itself. Everything he did was innovative in his field, for professional guitar playing scarcely existed when he started his career. His performances draw on rags, pop, blues, ethnic music and jazz, and are simply astounding.
Roy Smeck

1. 12th Street Rage (1931)
2. Frettin' Blues (1932)
3. Shuffle Off To Buffalo (1933)
4. Limehouse Blues (1937)
5. Nifty Pickin' (1932)
6. Tough Pickin' (1926)

7. Slippery Fingers (1937)

8. Steel Guitar Rag (Late 1930s)
9. Tiger Rag (1932)
10. Guitarese (1937)
11. Farewell Blues (1931)
12. Ukulele Bounce (1949)
13. Bugle Call Rag (1937)
14. Laughing Rag (1928)

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